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What is GM Tree Watch and how can you contribute?

Releases of genetically modified trees are currently taking place on different locations around the world. Sometimes information is quite detailed, sometimes essential information (like traits, locations or even the name of the company responsible for the release) are protected as confidential business information (CBI). Some trees are just in one locations, others are released in numerous locations around the world.
The aim of this website is to bring all the available information together and to allow others to work from there. But this is also where we need your help: If you have any information - as sketchy as it may be - on a GM tree, a trial, a location etc. just add it either as a new submission or as comments on the page, and we will double check it and then work it in for you and others to use further in this bigger picture.
GM Tree Watch is a project by EcoNexus.

Featured trees, trials and locations

Trial - 13 Sep 2011

Five different GM poplars with reduced lignin production are released at two locations in Ghent (Belgium). Four of these GM trees have already been released before in France by INRA. The trees are intended for agrofuel (bio-ethanol) production. The goal of the trial is purely agronomic: an assessment of the reduced lignin production, without any environmental assessement.

GM event - 13 Sep 2011

Genetic modification

According to one of the notifiers of trials with plum C5, "plum hypocotyl slices were transformed with the coat protein (CP) gene of Plum pox virus (PPV-CP) following cocultivation with Agrobacterium tumefaciens containing the plasmid pGA482GG/PPV-CP-33. This binary vector carries the PPV-CP gene construct, as well as the chimeric neomycin phosphotransferase and beta-glucuronidase genes." (JRC 2007)