INRA 7171-B4 Populus alba x P. tremula with increased biomass

GMTW-2240 , updated 18 Aug 2011
greater biomass

Tree species

Populus alba x P. tremula
Poplar hybrid
INRA 7171-B4

Genetic modification

vector transformation: pBI121

Notifier & developers

Universidad de Malaga (UMA) Spain

Trial locations


6335 m2
Buñuel (Navarra)

Detailed description

"The chimeric gene contains the cDNA sequence of Dof 5 isolated from Pinus pinaster (Rueda-López et al. Plant Journal (2008) 56: 1973-1985) under the direction of 35S promoter of Cauliflower mosaic virus and linked to β-glucuronidase gene and a termination region of the nopaline synthase gene (NOS) from Agrobacterium tumefaciens (35S-Dof5-GUS-NOS).

In addition to the Dof 5 chimeric gene, the plasmid also has a gene that confers resistance to kanamycin for selection of recombinant cells. This construct contains the sequence encoding neomycin phosphotransferase II (npt-II) from Escherichia coli flanked by the 35S promoter and the NOS region described above (35S-nptII gene-NOS).

The size of both genes is 3.9 kbp (35S-GUS-NOS-Dof5) and 1.7 kbp (35S-nptII-NOS), respectively." (Summary Information)