sweet orange Navelina with modified fruit aroma

GMTW-95 , updated 8 Sep 2010

Tree species

Citrus x sinensis
Sweet orange

Genetic modification

Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation
tissue culture

Notifier & developers

Trial locations


2008 - 2018
About 7500 m2 in total for four field trials with transgenic citrus plants. This assay will cover 750 m2 approximately.

Detailed description

The endogenous content of limonene has been altered in the transgenic plants by overexpression of a limonene synthase gene from citrus in sense or antisense. As a consequence of the genetic modification, frut aroma has been modified in the transgenic sweet orange plants.
All sense and antisense transformed plants are also carrying a nptII transgene conferring resistance to kanamycin. (JRC 2008)