B/ES/08/03: sweet oranges with reduced gowth as rootstock grafted with clementine

GMTW-101 , updated 15 Sep 2010
not known whether authorisation is given by the Spanish Competent Authority
2008 - 2018
About 7500 m2 in total for four field trials with transgenic citrus plants. This assay will cover 575 m2 approximately.
assessment of phenological traits


"Field trial of transgenic Carrizo citrange overexpressing in sense or antisense a gene encoding a GA 20-oxidase to study:
potential growth modulator effect of the transgenic trees used as rootstocks on a non-transgenic variety grafted onto them. For this purpose, we propose to transfer to the field 20 cuttings from lines: 5A-8A and 5A-4, and CT-81A control. All of them will be grafted with buds from non-transformed Clemenules clementine. We will investigate possible modulation of tree size, phenological characteristics of the transgenic trees and fruit production and quality.
Southern and Northern blot analyses to demonstrate transgene integrity and expression as well as quantitative PCR analysis to determine the number of transgene integrations in each transgenic line."
(JRC 2008)
"Pollen dispersal frequency is being assessed annually since 2001 in a transgenic field trial authorized in 1997 (notification nÂș B/ES/96/15)."