B/ES/08/05: phenotyp assessment of early-flowering sweet oranges

GMTW-107 , updated 8 Sep 2010
not known whether authorisation is given by the Spanish Competent Authority
2008 - 2018
About 7500 m2 in total for four field trials with transgenic citrus plants. This assay will cover 500 m2 approximately.

Tree species

Citrus x sinensis
Sweet orange

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Locations of this trial

All trial locations with the same GM trees


"Field trial with transgenic oranges over-expressing a flowering-time gene from Arabidopsis thaliana to investigate possible modification of growth and development. [...] Field trial with transgenic oranges over-expressing flowering meristem identity genes from A. thaliana to investigate: - Possible modification of tree growth due to profuse flowering. - Possible modification of flower and fruit development. - Fruit quality characteristics of fruits from AP1-sweet orange trees." (JRC 2008)
"Pollen dispersal frequency is being assessed annually since 2001 in a transgenic field trial authorized in 1997 (notification B/ES/96/15)." (JRC 2008)