B/ES/11/26: Environmental impact of INRA 7171-BA Populus alba x P. tremula with increased biomass

GMTW-2245 , updated 18 Aug 2011
6335 m2
environmental impact

Tree species

Populus alba x P. tremula
Poplar hybrid
INRA 7171-B4

Notifier & developers

Universidad de Malaga (UMA) Spain

Locations of this trial

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Release of an INRA 7171-BA Populus alba x P. tremula clone with increased biomass and antibiotic resistance marker nptII for field field studies, environmental impact and risk assessment.
The release will only take place for 3 months.
"a) Perform an I + D project in collaboration with the company ENHOL SL, which will assess the field conditions the impact of genetic modification in the biology of trees. They are designed trials to understand the effects of over-expression of the transgene in the growth of trees and its relationship to seasonal variations in carbon and nitrogen content.
b) Evaluation of effects and potential risks that the cultivation of genetically modified trees could have on the environment. This evaluation is mandatory for any application for marketing of the transgenic product by the company ENHOL SL." (Summary Notification)