08-011-106rm: Assessment of Eucalyptus EH1 with altered lignin biosynthesis, cold tolerance, an undisclosed modification and an undisclosed marker (ArborGen)

GMTW-830 , updated 28 Sep 2010
2010 - 2013
assess effectiveness of introduced transgenes


This permit application includes 19 location to release GM eucalyptus. Three days later an additional 10 locations were requested with the permit application 08-014-101RM.
According to the Federal Register (74, 105, p. 26648):
"Under these permits for a total of 29 sites, trees planted under previously approved permits (APHIS Nos. 06–325–111r, 08–039–102rm, and 08–151–101r) would be allowed to flower.
Permit applications 08–11–106rm and 08–014–101rm describe Eucalyptus trees derived from a hybrid of
Eucalyptus grandis X Eucalyptus urophylla. The purpose of the field tests is to assess the effectiveness of gene constructs which are intended to confer cold tolerance; to test the efficacy of a gene introduced to alter lignin biosynthesis; and to test the efficacy of a gene designed to alter fertility. In addition, the trees have been engineered with the kanamycin resistance selectable marker gene (nptII). These DNA sequences were introduced into Eucalyptus trees using disarmed Agrobacterium tumefaciens."