B/SE/09/12183: Effect of GM apple and pear rootstocks on the non-GM cultivars grafted unto them

GMTW-93 , updated 8 Sep 2010
authorisation given
2010 - 2014
1600 m2
Effects of transgenic apple rootstocks M26 and M9 and pear rootstock BP10030 on growth characteristics of 5 apple cultivars and 3 pear cultivars in comparison with the non-transgenic rootstocks



  1. To evaluate the effects of the transgenic apple and pear rootstocks on growth characteristics of the non-transgenic apple and pear cultivars grafted onto them.
  2. To evaluate the stability of the rolB gene expression under field conditions. 3) To evaluate the rooting ability of the transgenic rootstocks of cuttings and through stooling. (JRC 2010)