B/ES/08/02: field trial with orange overexpressing limonene synthase gene to modifying fruit aroma and to test their interaction with herbivore insects and predators of herbivores

GMTW-98 , updated 8 Sep 2010
not known whether authorisation was givne by the Spanish Competent Authority
2008 - 2018
About 7500 m2 in total for four field trials with transgenic citrus plants. This assay will cover 750 m2 approximately.
phenological and morphological characteristics of tree and fruit
environmental risk assessment: insects

Tree species

Citrus x sinensis
Sweet orange

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Locations of this trial

All trial locations with the same GM trees


"These transgenic lines have not been released previously, but we have two other releases with transgenic citrus trees planted in Valencia region." (JRC 2008)
"Pollen dispersal frequency is being assessed annually since 2001 in a transgenic field trial authorized in 1997 (notification nÂș B/ES/96/15)."> (JRC 2008)