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Aim of genetic manipulation

- altered lignin for easier conversion of cellulose to ethanol
- self-digesting tree (engineering to include an enzyme that will enable the tree to begin to digest itself prior to harvest in order to more easily convert it to ethanol or other cellulose-based agrofuels)
- reduced lignin
- faster growth
- shorter and fatter trees
- insect resistance (Bt)
- disease resistance (fungi and viruses) stress resistance (drought tolerance, salt tolerance, cold tolerance, etc)
- reduced flowering
- sterility
- herbicide resistance
- higher storage of carbon
- modified wood quality (pine for sawtimber)
- phytoremediation (removing toxics from soils)

(The trees closest to commercial development are GE cold tolerant, fast growing low lignin eucalyptus for cellulosic ethanol production and fast growing insect resistant low lignin poplar for paper or ethanol).