B/CZ/06/03: Assessment of heterologous virus infections of virus resistant plum C5

GMTW-125 , updated 22 Sep 2010
authorisation given
2006 - 2012
260 m2
agronomical performance
heterolgous virus infections

Tree species

Prunus domestica
European plum
hybrid Stanley C5 (Honey Sweet), also described as cultivar Bluebyrd
Stone fruit species that includes several varieties (e.g. Common plums, damsons, mirabelle); cultivated in Europe, Asia (China) and parts of the Americas; pollinated by bees.

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Locations of this trial

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Praha-Ruzyně Czech Republic

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Bistrita Romania
Llíria Spain
Poland Poland
Praha-Ruzyně Czech Republic
Romania Romania
Spain Spain
West Virginia (WV) USA