B/DE/02/145: soil phytoremedation by poplars

GMTW-137 , updated 20 Nov 2010
2003 - 2005
2 x 2500 m2
phytoremedation: soil
genetic stability
biological safety monitoring

Tree species

Populus alba x P. tremula
Poplar hybrid
INRA Klon 717 1-B4, female
Populus deltoides
Eastern Cottonwood
INRA Klon 717 1-B4, female

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Locations of this trial

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In the German location register of the BVL, the trial at both locations is only listed for 2005. However in 2005, the competent authority in Germany was re-organized, so that any earlier notification would have been under the authority of another authority.
However, according to the JRC registration and the final report the GM poplar is P. deltoides, while the BVL registration lists it as poplar hybrid P. tremula x P. alba.