B/ES/06/43: performance of non-transgenic Carrizo citrange grafted on transgenic lines with reduced or increased growth

GMTW-151 , updated 15 Sep 2010
2007 - 2017
1000 m2
performance of non-transgenic carrizo citrage grafted on transgenic lines


"Field trial of transgenic Carrizo citrange overexpressing in sense or antisense a gene encoding a GA 20-oxidase to study:

  • modulation of tree architecture in plants growing in field conditions. For this purpose, we propose to transfer to the field 4 antisense lines (5A-8A, 5A-4, 5A 10 and 5A-33) and 3 sense lines (8S-8A, 8S-22 and 8S-23), plus one control line (CT-81A; empty vector) (1 sample tree per line).
  • flowering and fruit set behaviour in the same trees.
  • potential growth modulator effect of the transgenic trees used as rootstocks on a non-transgenic variety grafted onto them. For this purpose, we propose to transfer to the field between 8 and 13 cuttings from lines: 5A-8A, 5A-4, 5A 10 and 5A-33, 8S-8A, 8S-22 and 8S-23, CT-81A and Carrizo citrange non-transgenic control. All of them will be grafted with buds from non-transformed Clemenules clementine. We will investigate possible modulation of tree size, phenological characteristics of the transgenic trees and fruit production and quality." (JRC 2006)