B/ES/96/15: marker system in sweet orange

GMTW-171 , updated 15 Sep 2010
The release started in 2001 and was still ongoing in 2008. The official end date is not known.
2001 - 2011


This trial probably took place in Villareal where the same research institute Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Agrarias has notified several trials starting in 2007 and 2008. These notification state that "Pollen dispersal frequency is being assessed annually since 2001 in a transgenic field trial authorized in 1997 (notification nÂș B/ES/96/15)." (JRC 2008).
It is unclear whether this referes to the same events or a different one, and it does not specify until when this trial will be conducted - only that it was still running in 2008 when the other trials were notified.
For now we assume a 10 year period, even so we can only deduct that the trial started in 2001 and still was ongoing in 2008.