Baldwin County


This location has been an agricultural research station for more than 20 years. The location
has been used for managed production of annual agricultural crops and forest trees. Site
preparation involved herbic ide application, subsoiling, and planting of trees in flat beds. The
surrounding areas of the test site consist of field plantings of agricultural crops, experimental
forest trees and an abandoned pecan orchard. Approximately 6.2 acres of existing field trials
of genetically modified Eucalyptus of the same clone (EH1) are being grown under issued
permit # 06-325-111r under which these trees are allowed to flower. The oldest of these trees
at this site are now entering their fifth growing season.

Up to 8,000 containerized trees, inc luding non-transgenic trees could be transferred to this
field test site and planted in field plots of up to 10 acres (at around 300 - 600 trees per acre)
over the next three years. An additional field trial of the same clone (EH1) was established at
this site on approximately 0.8 acres now covered under permit 08-039-102rm. This trial
would be transferred to permit # 08-011-106rm to allow flowering." (APHIS 2010)