Glades County


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Glades County


For this location a permit was requested as part of 08-104-101RM, but withdrawn.
"This location has been used for hay or vegetable production for at least 5 years. Site preparation has and will involve herbicide application to remove existing vegetation, subsoiling and planting of trees in flat beds. The surrounding areas of the test site consist of agricultural fields. There are existing transgenic Eucalyptus field trials of the same clone (EH1) at this location that were planted
on approximately 2.5 acres of test plot under Notification 07-222-104n that are now under permit 08-039-102rm. Up to 8,000 trees will be transferred to this field site and planted in the field plots of up to 10 acres over the next three years." (APHIS 2009)

"Due to changes in experimental plans this site will not be used for field trials of these trees and was removed from the permit application per the applicant’s request." (APHIS 2010)