Marion County


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Marion County
agricultural research station


"This location has been used as an agricultural research station for more than 5 years for conducting research experiments on agricultural crops. Site preparation involved herbicide application, plowing, and planting of trees in flat beds. Areas surrounding the test site consist of agricultural fields and plantings of horticultural crops. An experimental test of non-transgenic E. amplifolia is planted approximately 200 meters from the test plot location." (APHIS 2010)
"An approximately 0.5 acre of test plot of transgenic Eucalyptus clone EH1 was planted under Notification 07-222-104n and is now under permit 08-039-102rm at this location." (APHIS 2009)
"In addition, a field test of 0.3 acres of different lines with the same EH1 hybrid was planted at this site under permit 9-070-101rm.
Up to 8,000 containerized trees, including non-transgenic trees, could be transferred to this site and planted in field test plots of up to 10 acres over the next three years. A field trial of some of the same lines of EH1 clone was established at this site on 0.9 acres under permit 08-039-102rm. This trial would be transferred to permit # 08-014-101rm to allow flowering." (APHIS 2010)