poplar with multiple traits and silenced genes

GMTW-2070 , updated 12 Sep 2010
biomass production

Tree species

Populus deltoides
Eastern Cottonwood
Populus trichocarpa
Populus balsamifera ssp. trichocarpa
Black cottonwood
western balsam poplar
California poplar

Genetic modification

Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation

Notifier & developers

Trial locations


2010 - 2014
1200 m2

Detailed description

The description of this GM tree event in the notification report is rather vague. The title of the trial refers to a different poplar species (P. trichocarpa) than the description on the report (p. deltoides). From the description it remains unclear which genes or transgenic inserts were introduced, which genes were silenced using RNAi and whether all of the genetic modification are done in the same event or whether the trial includes several events, even though description all together indicates that these are several different events. The only consistent trait seems to be the antibiotic resistance marker gen (ARMG) htpII, confering resistance to higromycin.
The statement "Poplar trees have never been genetically modified before." (JRC 2010) as part of section 'Genetically modified plant' is clearly wrong.