A new numbering system

Many of the GM trees released are only vaguely described by genus or species, traits and notifier. So far we have dealt with that by having long titles including all of that in order to distinguish them from each other. All in all that doesn't make for accessible data. And also not all trials give permit numbers or similar.
One attempt to deal with this is to introduce our own numbering system, so that at least within the GM Tree Watch site we can access data easier.
And since we use Drupal to build this site, all data base entries such as GM tree (events) or trials already have a number: the node ID (nid). Starting with the Canadian trials all GM trees and trials now have a unique number like GMTree-2012 or GMTrial-2115; whereby the number is simply the node ID. They are also displayed on the pages. And of course they can be replaced by official numbers once they become available.