self-fertilizing Elstar apple

GMTW-391 , updated 8 Sep 2010
apple fruit production

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Malus domestica

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Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation

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2003 - 2006

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self-fertilizing apple trees so that apple fertilizing would not have to rely on declining bee hives, and to allow fertilization by trees from the variety.
Even before the phenomenon of sudden bee hive collapses bee populations were declining in apple production due to high prevalence of pesticides. In addition apple blossoms cannot be fertilized b pollen from the same apple cultivar: about 10% of an apple field need to be planted with a different cultivar to ensure fertilization.
Self-fertilization is supposed to solve these two problems at the same time.
Detailed information about the transgenic inserts is available in the JRC notification report.