Traits and phenotypes

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Titlesort icon Type of trait GM trees
abiotic stress tolerance Abiotic stress tolerance poplar with multiple traits and silenced genes
acidic soil tolerance Abiotic stress tolerance
agrob (bacterial) disease resistance Bacteria resistance (BR) crown gall and disease resistant walnut with visual marker and ARMG nptII
agrobacterium resistance Bacteria resistance (BR) agrobacterium resistant walnut with visual maker and ARMG nptII
allylpenols synthesis altered - uncategorized - Black cottonwood with altered lignin content, altered synthesis of phenylalanin and other components and altered wood development
antibiotic resistance marker Marker gene (MG)
aphid resistant Insect resistance (IR)
ARMG hpt Marker gene (MG)
ARMG htpII Marker gene (MG) poplar with multiple traits and silenced genes
ARMG hygromycin B Marker gene (MG)
ARMG nptI Marker gene (MG) poplar with reduced stature and ARMGs nptI and nptII (OSU)
ARMG nptII Marker gene (MG)
armillaria (fungus) resistance Fungus resistance (FR) Armillaria resistant plum with ARMG nptII
Asian Citrus psyllid resistance Insect resistance (IR) citrus species and hybrids with multiple traits
aspergillus (fungus) resistance Fungus resistance (FR) aspergillus, phytophtera, lepidoptera and Clvr resistant walnut with ARMG nptII
attacine ceropine production Bacteria resistance (BR)
avirulence - uncategorized -