Traits and phenotypes

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Titlesort icon Type of trait GM trees
caffeine levels reduced - uncategorized - coffee with reduced caffeine levels and ARMG nptII
callus growth recovery - uncategorized -
carbohydrate metabolism altered - uncategorized - apple with altered carbohydrate metabolism (UC-Davis)
CBI Herbicide tolerance (HT)
cell wall altered - uncategorized - poplar with altered cell walls
cell wall altered - uncategorized - poplar with multiple traits and silenced genes
cellulose content modified - uncategorized - Eucalyptus with modified ratio between lignins siringil/guaiacil (Alellyx)
cellulose content modified for ethanol production - uncategorized -
cherry leaf roll virus (CLRV) resistance Virus resistance (VR) aspergillus, phytophtera, lepidoptera and Clvr resistant walnut with ARMG nptII
chestnut blight (fungus) resistance Fungus resistance (FR)
chitinase synthesis - uncategorized - silver birch with multiple traits
Chloramphenical transferase - uncategorized - poplar with chlor. acetyltransferase and nptII markers
chromogenic marker Marker gene (MG)
cinnamoyl CoA reductase downregulated - uncategorized -
cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase downregulated - uncategorized -
citrus canker (bacteria) resistance Bacteria resistance (BR)
citrus greening (bacteria) resistance Bacteria resistance (BR)
Citrus leprosis virus (CiLV) resistance Virus resistance (VR) orange resistant to Citrus leprosis virus (CiLV)
citrus tristeza virus (CTV) resistance Virus resistance (VR)
Citrus variegated chlorosis (CVC) resistance Bacteria resistance (BR) Orange resistant to Citrus variegated chlorosis (CVC)
CO2 fixation - uncategorized -
cold tolerance Abiotic stress tolerance
cold tolerance decreased Abiotic stress tolerance apple with decreased cold tolerance
coleoptera resistance Insect resistance (IR)
colesto virus resistance Virus resistance (VR)
composition modified - uncategorized -
control - uncategorized - hybrid poplar for phytoremedation (Purdue)
cottonwood leaf beetle resistance Insect resistance (IR) Cry3a (anti-coleoptera) Bt toxin producing poplar with ARMG nptII (OSU)
criconemella (nematode) resistance Nematode resistance (NR) phytophtera, criconemella and meloidogyne resistant plum with visual marker and ARMG nptII (USDA)
crown gall resistance Bacteria resistance (BR)
Cry1Ab Bt toxin production against coleoptera Insect resistance (IR) Cry1Ab and Cry1Ac Bt toxin producing apple against coleoptera and lepidoptera with ARMG nptII (Dry Creek)
Cry1Ac Bt toxin production against lepidoptera Insect resistance (IR)
Cry3a Bt toxin production against Coleoptera Insect resistance (IR)
curly leaves - uncategorized - poplar with curly, bigger leaves and ARMG nptII (OSU)
cutting rootability increased - uncategorized - walnut with increased cutting rootability, visual marker and ARMG nptII (UC Davis)